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When thinking of the term "Eloping", a "Romeo & Juliet" esque situation usually comes to mind -- two lovers that run away to get married.  Nowadays, however, Eloping means so much more. . . 

An old-fashioned term redefined by our culture today

Bringing the focus back on you, your partner, and this special day

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Why I Love Elopements

In the past few years, the world witnessed how quickly things can go south.  Having our lives shut down by a small yet deadly virus, we were all forced to see how ephemeral this life is -- life waits for no one.  Who knows whether we will live until tomorrow, next week, or next year. 

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So let's live this life to its fullest and let's live it now! 

Grab and cherish E-V-E-R-Y second.  

I'm not just here to capture some photos of you all dressed up (although we definitely will get some shots of you looking your best 😎), but I'm here to help cultivate an experience.  The day when you and your partner express your love for each other, a day that signifies the start of your new journey together ✨

The Spotlight on YOU​

From the moment you reach out to me, consider me on Team [Insert your names here lol]

From day 1, we'll work together to talk about your hopes, fears, dreams, and vision for your upcoming elopement.  I'll provide insights, tips, advice, and everything/anything I have to offer to make this special day.  

Eloping is ignoring the things society says you "must" do.

Eloping is getting married your way.

I've found the reasons to elope can be boiled down to Intentionality & Intimacy

Eloping is focusing on what you want.  Creating a unique, catered-to-you experience that gives you the freedom to make it your own!


Location Freedom:

Want to say your vows in the California Redwoods?  Want to hike down a trail and get married in a cave?? Want to bring 20 puppies to the top of a mountain for your first photo as a married couple??? Uhhhh, I've never done that before, but 

As You Wish

Guest Selection:

Close friends, loving family members, maybe even your pet lizard, or just the two of you (and me of course 🤪🥳) -- Whomever you want there, it's your decision to make.  Pick and choose your guests 

As You Wish

@Heech, u want a "How to elope" section here? Like what steps to take/what the process looks like?


Your Journey. Your Story.

Let's make it Meaningful and Memorable.

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